Many times in life we get stuck on what happened “back then”. We regurgitate our painful life circumstances so much, that we end up identifying with our condition –broken. But today, I wanted to write a letter to the me that’s no longer broken; to the methat’s no longer identified by the what, but the Who. In my brokenness, the question was always, “What happened to you?” But today, I want to highlight Who happened to me. This is my Dear Whole Me letter..


Dear Whole Me,

It’s been a journey to get to this point and even though you haven’t fully arrived, I just want to pause here to celebrate your growth and development. Who would’ve guessed that God would’ve trusted you with so much pain… and with the ministries that have been birthed as a result of ruin? But you’ve learned through the process that, ruin is the road to transformation. You’ve learned to let go and trust God to do the renovation, which sometimes involved demolition, in your life. Romans 8:28 is a personal note from God to you and you’ve basked in that blessed assurance when adversity and calamity have threatened your walk and sanity. Like Job, the thing you feared the most happened (Job 3:25), but you never had to face any of it alone. You were like the woman dragged naked into the streets (John 8). But, Jehovah Nissi (your banner… The God who covers you) stood right beside you and covered your nakedness with Grace, until all your accusers eventually dropped their stones and fled.

You are loved immeasurably by God! He has shown you time and time again how mindful He is of you and how attentive He is to your needs and your heart. You areHis! That reality has kept you in the darkest of seasons. That reality continues to keep you right now. And regardless of what naysayers, accusers, and stone throwers have said and will say, you are Forgiven and Loved.

The transition from religion to relationship has been life-altering. Who would’ve thought you’d ever have such an intimate relationship with the Lover of your soul? Andnone of it would be possible today had you not experienced the hell you had to go through to get to this point. When you did not know which way was “out”, God Himself stepped into your situation and became your exit (John 10:9). He delivered you through the breaking! With you, God squeezed Whole out of Broken. You’re a miracle.

My word of encouragement to you is to stay in God’s crucible – His hand is on the thermostat and His eye is on the clock! Endure the fiery process; you’re being refined and perfected. I promise you that when you come through all this, you will come forth as pure gold. Everything that you have gone through was part of a Predestined Purpose that is leading to the Pre-Prepared Promise. Continue to let the Word of God settle your heart and settle EVERY matter in your life. Don’t sweat the one that tries to rise up against you, condemn, and accuse you… God has already shown you that He will be your defense attorney, jury, advocate, and judge. By His grace and through His blood you are – Approved by Him!

I love you.

[I encourage you to write a “Dear Whole Me” letter to yourself today. The reality is that you have endured some painful seasons in your life, but God has kept you through them all! You’re here today only because of Him. Celebrate the work He’s yet doing in your life, knowing that “He who has begun a good work in you, will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ!” – Philippians 1:6]