"Give me a Word to sustain the weary; awaken my ear to listen." - Isaiah 50:4

Don’t Extend What Has Expired

God is such a God of timing that it’s impossible to operate in His will… outside of His time. The two are inseparable.

Reflecting on Exodus 16:19-21 and how God’s blessing/provision turned into something harmful when it was extended past its expiration date/season. It has me pondering the many situations I’ve dealt with that I single-handedly dragged way beyond their end-point. Like, what if God has to cause things to literally disintegrate in order to prevent us from “consuming” (continuing to engage in) them?

The Israelites could have died from the overnight (expired) manna. And the funny thing is, just like us today, they KNEW God had more (other) provisions for them, but they doubted that and tried to hold on to past/outdated “stuff” for fear of not having anything (i.e. losing all). What will it take to really bring us to that place of complete obedience and trust in God’s promises and directives? What does He have to allow worms and stench (Exodus 16:20) to consume in order for us to let it go?

Prayer: Lord, please don’t let me die from outdated “manna”. Do whatever it takes to prevent me from “consuming” it.



  1. Maureen Smith

    This is so true Neisha! There are so many things and situations that we get attached to that are harmful because they were already expired when we got them or we keep them beyond the required time. As usual, I can relate to this 🙂

    • undissimulated

      Indeed, Maureen! Thank God that in His mercy He spares us from the destruction that we oftentimes bring on ourselves by our own ignorance and pride. Thanks for the feedback!

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