1 Kings 17:7-14 details the story of the widow of Zarephath. This woman dared to trust God with all she had and in response to her faith, received an “unending blessing.”

The Word of the Lord to somebody in this season is, “IT WONT RUN OUT!” You may be down to your very last; you may not be able to figure out right now how you’re going to be able to afford all that you need with the little that you have. Right now for somebody it feels like the bin has already run out of flour and the jar has already run out of oil. But do what the prophet commanded the widow to do. Give to God first and watch Him provide ALL your needs!

I don’t know which church or faith assembly you attend or which ministries you support, but I’m challenging you to sow a seed into one of those ministries tokay. It could be $1, I don’t care. Let that seed be a symbol to God that you believe by faith that what He has blessed you with will not run out!

The widow had to exercise faith in that moment. She could’ve dismissed Elijah and that would’ve been the end of her story, because she would have made that last meal for her and her son, and they certainly would’ve died of hunger afterwards. But oftentimes when God interrupts us with what seems like an impossible request, it’s for our benefit. Yes, Elijah needed food, but the widow needed a miracle!

What miracle do you stand in need of? What’s on the verge of running out or ending in your life? Will you continue to gather sticks for your last meal? Or do you have a moment to spare to entertain God for your miracle?

God is saying to you today, “Do not fear. Make Me a cake first (i.e. sacrifice something for Me) and then you will have enough for you and your household. It won’t run out!”

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