At the end of 2017, God gave me a Word about the kind of year 2018 is going to be. We’re only 18 days in and already His Word has started to manifest.

“2018 will bring a shift in gear. As God calls us into higher sanctification and causes us to experience smooth accelerations, with that is going to come a release of OPTIONS. For some of you, you’ve felt like you lacked options in 2017. Like the ONE door that was opened to you closed. Like the ONE major opportunity you had in that year expired or you were denied. Some of you feel like you chose things for yourself last year because there was no other choice…. no other option. But I believe the Lord is saying that this season we’re about to transition into…. as we commit to a higher level of sanctification… He is releasing OPTIONS in the spirit. Where you were praying for one door to open, multiple doors will open. Where you thought there was no way for that dream to happen, multiple ways are going to be made for it to come to pass. You will be able to CHOOSE in this next season instead of settling for what you think is all that there is.”

Listen to the rest of this Word here:


May 2018 be the BEST year of your life…. until 2019!