Job 2:1There was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and satan came also among them to present himself before the Lord.

Whenever we reflect on the story of Job we often focus on how God gave the enemy permission to test Job. It was a hard test in which Job lost everything, but in the end he was restored double-fold by God.

I want to look at a different aspect of the story of Job today based on Job 2:1 mentioned above.

Nowhere in the scripture does it say that God requested satan’s presence at this “gathering of the sons of God” on either of the two occasions (Job 1:6; Job 2:1). The Word simply tells us that, “satan came also to present himself before the Lord” when the sons of God assembled together. Why would he present himself at a meeting for SONS when he knows he’s not a son of God?

What God revealed to me is that satan is really after “sonship“…. he’s really after our relationship with God.

Listen to this recording of the Midnight Cry Prayer Call where we delved deeper into this revelation of Sonship. We have to be very diligent and vigilant in guarding our relationship with God. Your intimacy with God offends the enemy and that’s the target of his most vicious attacks!