The game of hide-and-seek originated in the garden of Eden. It involved two people hiding from a God who sought after them. Their approach to hiding involved two aspects, which are still quite common today.

Firstly, they ran for cover (i.e. a physical place to hide). I cannot imagine Adam and Eve standing in the middle of the garden in open view, considering the sin they just committed. No, they found a place to hide – behind a tree, a rock, in the bushes, somewhere. Quite similar to what we do today. When we’ve sinned or feel guilt/shame for an act we’ve committed or a mistake we’ve made, we literally remove ourselves from certain places – we go into hiding. We may refrain from attending church or other gatherings with people who know us and have high expectations of us, and from those who would hold us accountable. Some of us go deep into hiding, confining ourselves to our homes, rooms, closets, etc. It is no different from what Adam and Eve did.

Secondly, they not only ran FOR cover but they tried TO cover their sins (i.e. not wanting their sins to be exposed). In their day they used leaves and figs…. in present day we use different masks, relationships, false witnesses, lies, church (and other) positions, defense mechanisms, and a plethora of wrong/harmful practices. The motive is still the same though – to cover up or hide our sin.

Despite our modern day take on hide-and-seek, the “game” initiated in the garden of Eden continues today. Same script, different cast. We’re still sinners hiding from a God who continues to seek us, to reason with us despite all we’ve done (Isaiah 1:18). You see, we’ve given up our original Covering and have instead tried to find other covers for our sins. We blew off His Cover, and in order to find us He now has to blow ours!

We often don’t like the process of “being found” or in present day terminology “being found out”, because it involves exposure. We’ve become so accustomed to hiding in dark places that the Light is almost blinding. We consider this process painful…. oblivious to the fact that more damage could be done to us if we remained in the dark. Fact of the matter is, hiding from God is like standing behind transparent glass and foolishly hoping not to be seen (Psalm 139:7-12). You see, God’s love is a love that cannot operate in dissimulation. It BLOWS our cover so He can BE our Cover! His ultimate aim is our protection.

The question today is, which would you rather: Having the mask ripped from your face so you can finally breathe, or continuing to suffocate under the guise of having it all together? Would you rather stay hidden in the darkness of condemnation, or step into the Light of God’s love and grace? Do you want the tedious job of having to hide all the time… changing places and faces, or would you rather have your sins be hidden for you and completely annulled? Do you want to continue living a lie, or are you ready to embrace truth? The choice seems pretty clear to me.

So, my brothers and sisters (in my King James Version voice), here’s the conclusion of the whole matter — Although we ditched our Covering to hide under covers that really don’t cover, if we’re willing to blow this temporary cover we’ll have the opportunity to be eternally covered by The Ultimate Coverer!

[cues organ]
Is there one?