"Give me a Word to sustain the weary; awaken my ear to listen." - Isaiah 50:4

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The Animals Are Coming

Genesis 7:8-9 (MSG) – “Clean and unclean animals, birds, and all the crawling creatures came in pairs to Noah and to the ship, male and female, just as God had commanded Noah.”

The scripture says the animals CAME IN PAIRS to Noah, did you catch that? I don’t know about you, but this translation has increased my faith in the God that I already believed could do the impossible!

So, we’ve read the story of how God gave this man (Noah) instructions to build an ark for protection from the heavy rains and floods that would follow. God not only gave Noah the instructions and provided the resources to build the ark, He also brought directly to Noah what he needed. The message today is simple – God will bring provisions and resources to you, as long as what you’re building is based on His blueprint. The reason we have half-completed, empty arks, and no sign of rain is perhaps because God was not the One who gave us the instruction to start building in the first place.

As I reflected on this thought, I was reminded of a story where plans were frustrated because people decided to build without God’s blueprint or permit. It’s the story of the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11:1-9, where the people decided to build a tower up to the Heavens “to make a name for themselves.” At that time, the whole world spoke the same language so, in order to block their selfish ambition, God confused their language so they no longer understood their own instructions. Again, the message is clear – God will bless and see to completion whatever HE has instructed us to build.

Even though the rain and floodwaters were destroying the earth, this same storm symbolized to Noah and his family, God’s presence. There are things that you may go through this year that may overwhelm others, but will represent God’s presence in yourlife! Noah and his family were not saved because of what they were in, but because ofWho was with them. They were obedient to God’s command and He provided for and protected them through the storm.

How did the animals know to leave their packs and find Noah? How did they pair up? How did they vote among themselves on which pair of them would go? How were they able to find the ark on their own? The God we serve is specific and detailed. He will allow resources to come to you and will maintain them, even through threatening life storms. Perhaps you have received a directive from God concerning something He wants you to do, but you don’t have the resources and can’t fathom how you’ll get it accomplished. Stick to His blueprint and be obedient to the task He has assigned you….. the animals are coming!

Prayer: Lord, today I thank You for the blueprint of Your Word. I thank You for the resources that You will bring to me, and preserve, through the storms of life. When I am tempted to build according to my own plan, grace and empower me to reject the spirit of Babel. Instead redirect my attention to the “rustling of the bushes” and the “forming of the clouds” that both signify the resources that are on the way and Your presence that is about to overtake me like a flood. I acknowledge Your blueprint for my life and I thank You in advance for Your provisions. Amen.


Don’t Extend What Has Expired

God is such a God of timing that it’s impossible to operate in His will… outside of His time. The two are inseparable.

Reflecting on Exodus 16:19-21 and how God’s blessing/provision turned into something harmful when it was extended past its expiration date/season. It has me pondering the many situations I’ve dealt with that I single-handedly dragged way beyond their end-point. Like, what if God has to cause things to literally disintegrate in order to prevent us from “consuming” (continuing to engage in) them?

The Israelites could have died from the overnight (expired) manna. And the funny thing is, just like us today, they KNEW God had more (other) provisions for them, but they doubted that and tried to hold on to past/outdated “stuff” for fear of not having anything (i.e. losing all). What will it take to really bring us to that place of complete obedience and trust in God’s promises and directives? What does He have to allow worms and stench (Exodus 16:20) to consume in order for us to let it go?

Prayer: Lord, please don’t let me die from outdated “manna”. Do whatever it takes to prevent me from “consuming” it.