There are times in your walk with God that the ordinary just won’t suffice and in order to experience His “more”, you have to go deeper in Him. For this purpose, I’ve been in a season of consecration and it never ceases to amaze me how God will speak to our spirits when we’ve starved our flesh of its desires. Perhaps you’re like me today – you’re desperate for God to do what He promised He’d do…. whatever it takes.

We’re in the last 29 days of 2015 and many people have lost hope and have succumbed to despair because they feel it’s too late for God to perform that miracle they’ve been trusting Him for all year. In our humanity we tend to focus on the calendar because we somehow believe the God of the universe is restricted to something as fleeting as “time.” If you’re to be honest, many of you have given up on that dream, that vision, that prophetic Word that God gave you for this year; and have forwarded your hopes and dreams to 2016, as 365 days seemingly hold more promise than 29.

Can I encourage you today?

The story is told in 1 Samuel 9 of how Saul went looking for his father’s lost donkeys. He searched four different towns (verse 4), until his search led him to Samuel – a seer (prophet) in the land of Zuph. The Bible describes Saul as hailing from the tribe of Benjamin, the smallest of the 12 tribes of Israel; and being from a family considered the least of the families in that tribe (verse 21). Despite how long his search lasted and the sad reality of his family status, God had long before arranged a divine appointment for Saul. And though it may have appeared that he was the least and was “behind the pack” in status and accomplishment – God had a special portion RESERVED for Saul.

And Samuel said to the cook, “Bring the portion which I gave you, of which I said to you, ‘Set it apart.’” So the cook took up the thigh with its upper part and set it before Saul. And Samuel said, “Here it is, what was kept back. It was set apart for you. Eat;for until this time it has been kept for you, since I said I invited the people.” So Saul ate with Samuel that day. – 1 Samuel 9:23-24

People of God, don’t be discouraged by how things appear right now. There’s a special portion that God has set apart for you; it has your name on it. And at the appointed time, He will bring you to the place of your destiny and give you everything He has reserved for you. It may seem like the year is too far gone…. It may seem like everyone else is ahead of you and have been reveling in their blessings all year long… But God wants you to know today that in your search for what you feel you’ve lost, He’s arranged a divine meeting that will bring about a divine appointment. You willreceive EVERYTHING God has for you!

The Word of the Lord in this season is ACCELERATION. You are being launched to the place of your appointment; and what it took others the whole year to accomplish, you will accomplish in a much shorter time, because you are on God’s timetable. Saul went from being a member of the least important family, from the smallest tribe of Israel, to king…. in a couple of days!

Don’t limit God. These last 29 days of 2015 are more than enough time for Him to make good on His promises. Trust Him!

Prayer: Lord, thank You for the reminder that You are not a God who is restricted to time or man-made calendars. You are the same God who created this world in 6 days and who died and rose again in 3. Lord, A LOT can happen in 29 days and we’ve resolved to trust You to make good on Your promises as we maintain a posture of expectancy. We may have been consumed with searching for or trying to regain lost things all year, but our search is about to end in a divine encounter with destiny. We’re about to receive what’s been on reserve and we’re going to receive it “suddenly”. We trust You God and we thank You in advance. Amen.