"Give me a Word to sustain the weary; awaken my ear to listen." - Isaiah 50:4

There Is Only One God…. And You’re Not Him

In reflecting on Genesis 3:1-7, I felt led to talk about the very first sin ever recorded – the sin of pride. Since pride loves to show up (announce) itself, but doesn’t like to be exposed (called out), expect to feel a level of discomfort as you read today’s blog. Ready? Here we go….

It seems like every time we discuss The Garden of Eden our anger towards Adam and Eve is rekindled. We self-righteously conclude that we would not have committed the same act had we been in their positions. Our misdirected anger is exactly that – misdirected – because if we’d take time for self-examination we’d realize just how much we too have eaten from “trees” God prohibited, regardless of our motives for doing so. You see, on the surface, Adam and Eve thought they were simply advancing their knowledge by partaking of the forbidden fruit… but the latent reason behind the act was not to increase in knowledge, but rather to satisfy their lustful desire to “become like God” (vs5). This continues to be our biggest struggle yet.

Isn’t it interesting how all sin points back to our fleshly desire to not just be like God, but to actually “be God” of our own lives? Think about it. We try to take our lives into our own hands in an attempt to feel like we are in control. The very thing satan presented to Eve in the Garden of Eden is what he continues to present to us today – a desire to BE Lord over our own lives. And he’s doing this to bring us to the place where we no longer acknowledge God. This was the reason satan was kicked out of Heaven – he wanted to be God (Ref. Isaiah 14:12-15). He wanted all glory, acknowledgement, power, and praise. Isn’t that what our sinful nature has us craving as well? The devil’s weapon is the prideful desire to be equal to God. He tricks us into thinking we are wiser than God and that we can be God over our own lives (in our decisions, actions, choices, etc). His ultimate goal is to get us to the place where we feel we no longer need God, thus causing us to renounce/replace Him. But the devil IS a LIAR!!!

The story in Genesis goes on to state that after they ate the fruit, Adam and Eve’s eyes were “opened” (vs7). The opening of their natural (flesh/self) eyes caused the blinding of their spiritual eyes. As humans, we want to know all and be in control of all, but in so doing we become blinded to the actual price we pay – separation from God. Sin separates us from God, and pride is sin. We can bulldoze our way through life, choosing things that God has explicitly forbidden, going in the direction that we feel is best for our lives; and we can feel a sense of fulfillment because of what we seemingly discover and are able to do. The reality is however that with each natural revelation, we’re becoming more spiritually blinded to the things of God.

What are your eyes now “blindly opened” to as a result of your engagement in the forbidden? What was it that you consumed (got caught up in)? What “tree” have you eaten from?

Jesus Christ is the ONLY true and living God….and none of us is Him. He knows more than you ever will and He can work everything out in your life better than you thinkyou can. The throne of your heart was built for single occupancy. Let Him be the God that only He alone can be and watch how that works out best for you!



  1. KDivi

    Great! There is only one God to dwell on the throne of our hearts!!

  2. Rose Thompson

    hat inspiration God has given you. The thoughts are always so very deep and very relevant. I certainly agree that pride can be so subtle in our lives and that this is an area for reflection and opening for God to reveal and remove. God is no respecter of persons and the same way satan was cast out because of this, we can suffer the same fate if we allow this sin to take root in our heart and lives. Yes, Jesus MUST be Lord, in everything!!!

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